"The exhilarating ripple of her voice was a wild tonic in the rain." -F.Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

At HONEY, we know voices.

Everyone has a different voice, a different USP and different work that their voices are suited to. Some people are all-rounders; covering animation through to continuity, others are strictly corporate or narrative. There are various tones, deliveries and styles that the voice can achieve effortlessly and some have one sound that is trained rigorously to perfection.

As casting and voice directors, as well as creative audio producers, we have an insight into voiceover trends and spotting new talent.

We hear things differently not just through our combined multi-lingual skills, but through experience in sound and production. We encourage thinking 'outside the box' in finding the right kind of talent; to match the right brands and campaigns using unconventional methods and pushing creative boundaries.

We aim for authenticity and creativity within all things voiceover. The voice is a unique instrument and vocal performance a specialist craft, especially within our industry, one that we are hugely proud to be part of.